Startup Tools

Being an entrepreneur is hard. We will make it easier for you to build your startup. Idea ninja tools will assist you implementing best practices in your startup.

Business Idea Tool

Author: Miguel Teixeira

Do you have a business idea ? Do you wish to know if it is any good ? Test here! This application will evaluate your business idea. From evaluating the market you are in, the market fit, the competitive advantage, the growth potential and the barriers to enter and at the end present you with a final veridict. More then the result itself we take you through a journey to help you understand the ins and outs of your business idea.Go to the tool

Automatic Pitch Machine

Author: Miguel Teixeira

4 Automatic selling pitches to sell your products and services. Get your pitch in two steps and we will deliver 4 pitches. Go to the tool

Article Writing Tool

Author: Miguel Teixeira

Idea Ninja has developed a tool to make writing articles for the web easier. This tool looks into several issues like SEO, scannability and simple writing. Go to tool

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