We provide training programs for incubators and entrepreneurship hubs around the world.

  • We will custom build acceleration programs
  • We provide a framework to achieve results during the trainning period
  • We can design specific deliverables along the trainning program

We provide mentorship programs with diferent levels of complexity. From a simple review style mentorship, up to strategic debats, to full blown coaching programs.

  • We have review programs, or lightweight mentorship programs
  • We have frameworks to help guide you through the hurdles of creating a successfull company
  • We will help you implement methodologies to improve your chance for success
Public Speaking

We will give public speaches about entrepreneurship in general or any specific subject you see in articles in the website.

  • Entrepreneurship in general
  • Marketing for a startup
  • Product Market Fit
  • Any other subject that is approached in the website