How to be published in IdeaNinja

IdeaNinja is asking you to share useful content for entrepreneurs by writing on IdeaNinja. Write an article and share it through IdeaNinja.

Writing from IdeaNinja

It is time to contribute and share your thoughts. From the beginning we designed IdeaNinja to be a sharing platform for and from entrepreneurs. Help build better startups by sharing your tricks, experience and knowledge.

Benefits of becoming a contributor

When becoming a contributor you increase the visibility of your article and yourself. You will appear as the author of the article and you contributor profile will be presented on the about us page IdeaNinja is platform dedicated to entrepreneurs, hence you will benefit from the audience we already bring to the website. We will share socially your article through several social networks.

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Conditions to be published in IdeaNinja:

  • The content must be yours;
  • The content must be unique and must not be published elsewhere.
  • The content must be of interest to entrepreneurs;
  • You must sign and send us a waiver where you give us all the rights to publish and alter the content;
  • Identify yourself (Name, email, country, address, phone number);
  • The content must provide value to the entrepreneur;
  • No spammy content allowed;
  • The content must be approved by IdeaNinja, before published.

Article Guidelines

The process

If you are interested in becoming a contributor send us an email using the contact us page. Someone in our team will contact you to proceed with the information request, the "tuning" of the article until we have achieved a final article and the signing of the copyrights waiver. After the article and the formalities are finished, we will proceed to publish your article.

What do we take into consideration in the process of approval

When assessing the article we take under consideration:

  • The compliance with the aspects mentioned above;
  • The relevance to the entrepreneur;
  • The practicality to the entrepreneur;
  • The originality of the article.

Why do we need a copyright waiver ?

Due to marketing aspects, we may need to alter the content to introduce reference to other related articles. We may also want to publish this article in different supports (example: books, video) and need to adapt the article to establish a story line or make it more conversational. Also if the article you wrote was copied from another source you will be responsible for it, since you were the author

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