Mentoring Program

When a project is still in its conception phase, there are many strategic decisions that need to be made that may pretty much, sentence your project between failure or success. That is why mentors have a fulcral job of keeping you focused on what really matters in every stage of your project development.

Our mentoring program is based on this very idea of working together with you in order to easily identify what your next step should be. Making sure you find as little bumps, as possible, along the way.

Mentoring Program

20 hour mentoring program


Big Mentoring Program

40 hour mentoring program



How’s the payment done?

Our payment is system is in two trenches, 50% at beginning of the project and 50% at the end of it. If you’re outside the Eurozone, you can pay using a SWIFT transfer in Euros, otherwise if you’re in the Eurozone you can use a SEPA transfer.

When can you start?

Our availability will depend on our team time constraints but to make sure just contact us and we will get back to you in no time.

Contact Us

Please feel free to participate. We want to hear from you. We want your feedback and input. contact us Here