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How to manage a Youtube channel

Author: Mariana da Silva Godinho
Updated at:2017-12-12
Tags: Youtube, channel, content, social media, startup

Nowadays, more and more people/companies have a channel on youtube where they complement their websites or blogs. Over a billion users use this social network to interact with their target audience.

The growing importance of Youtube

The number of hours of video seen on youtube has been growing by more than 50% (2015 vs. 2016). This increase of importance is related to:

  • Higher bandwidth, allows you to watch higher quality videos without lag,
  • Content consumption simplicity. Video continues to be the simplest format to consume information.
  • Media richness. Video is a richer medium, when compared with articles or photos or audio, because you have visual and audio comunication put together to deliver both verbal and nonverbal messages.

Marketers ruined it all

What started out as a platform where anyone could share their videos and have fun doing so, became one of the biggest business in the world. Vlogs, unboxing videos, how-to/tutorials and timelapse videos are some of the most popular videos right now. Others use it as a way to complement to the content they have on their websites. They are used not just by individuals, but also by companies to advertise (through ads) or by creating content and monetizing it (taking adds into their videos).

Why do people watch Youtube

Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on youtube.These are two of the reasons why most people resort to youtube:

  • Entertainment - When you're bored, you search for entertaining videos,
  • Learn - searching for a tutorial or relevant information on the subject.

Your videos should satisfy at least one of these two needs. If they are good, people will share them.

Becoming a Vlogger

For a business, there are many reasons why you should start vloging. You wouldn’t even consider not having a facebook page, in order to generate awareness to your brand and facilitate sales, so you should also use the potential that youtube offers. Nowadays making videos is not as hard as you might expect, but before that there are other tasks that need your attention. Here is how to start.

1st step: create a channel

It's really important for you to understand that you should create a brand and not just a youtube channel. And why is that? You want to be able to interact with your target as a brand. A brand allows you to expand beyond youtube and use multiple channels to generate awareness:

  • Other social media,
  • Website/blog,
  • Event participation.

However, creating a branded youtube channel requires time to dedicate to these topics:

  • Theme selection,
  • Concept development,
  • Interaction on social media,
  • Algorithm optimization.

Theme selection

Regarding the theme that you should choose for your channel or your videos, there is a duality:

  • you can either decide to talk about something that has a very large audience and very strong competition,
  • or a smaller audience, but with a trending subject with little to no competition.

If you chose to face the big guns in the market you will have a very hard time. But at the same time the payoff is immense. If you chose to go small, be aware that you may have difficulty moving out of that niche and asserting yourselves in different topic.

If you want to cause an impact, your theme must be:

  • clear,
  • interesting,
  • have a big enough audience,

Concept development

Every youtube channel needs a concept. You need to develop an idea for the channel that will translate itself to:

  • Overview,
  • Aesthetic concept,
  • Playlists,
  • Humorous/entertaining note,
  • Structure.

Interaction on social media

Nowadays there are many social networks at our disposal, so we can try to make the most of them, as far as sharing our content is concerned. Try to share your videos and your channels in all social networks. If someone comment your posts, interact with them as much as you can, because this will make them feel that they are contributing to the channel and being part of the brand. Let them suggest content for new videos and respect their opinions. Overall, try to always be in touch with viewers. And finally, try to collaborate with other channels. It will direct users from their channel to yours and vice versa, giving you both more viewers and subscribers.

Algorithm Optimization

  • Pace - Frequency that you launch new content in your channel,
  • Metadata -title, description, tags and thumbnails are important, because in early stages youtube depends on them to rank your video and understand the main topics behind it,
  • Recency - when you search for videos on youtube, it will present you first the ones that are more recent,
  • Watch time - Although the time a user watches a video is important, it is even more important the session watch time, which is the time the user will watch your video, plus all the other watched during the same session. So having a follow through strategy is paramount,

From time to time, try to take a look at previews videos using youtube analytics, study the results of your video and try to introduce new changes (vary on video length, change tagwords, etc) to optimize the results

2nd step: The videos

Once you have created a channel and the concept is developed, we can start producing. There are two very important processes in this production: capture and editing. If you want to know more about how to make easy videos, read our article.There are several softwares to help you allong the way, and we'll give you some good examples.

Screen Capture Solutions

  • CamStudio (Windows) - Free
  • QuickTime (Mac) - Free
  • Camtasia Studio (Windows, Mac) - Paid
  • ScreenFlow (Mac) - Paid

Video Editing Solutions

  • Movie Maker (Windows) - Free
  • iMovie (Mac) - Free
  • Camtasia (Mac, Windows) - Paid
  • ScreenFlow (Mac) - Paid

Structure of the video

The videos you put out should be immediately recognizable as yours. This means that you must create an identity, in your videos, and apply the same structure for all of them. Here is an example of a stratucture commonly found in youtube:

  • Set the hook,
  • Introduction,
  • Main content,
  • Intro out/conclusion/final remarks,
  • Subscribe and other videos.

Some videos only have the introduction, development and conclusion, but the setting the hook and subscribe and other videos are important for increasing the views of the video. Setting the hook, defines the expectations of what the video will be about and what to expect from it, reducing the bounce rate along the video. The subscribe and other videos allows for increasing your viewers base and generate a higher total view time.

How to keep increasing views and subscribers

In order to increase your views and subscribers, you need to keep a steady pace of posting:

  • Post, at least, one video in every two weeks,
  • Aim for 5 minutes vídeos (Lately Youtube seems to be pushing fo longer videos),
  • Focus on making an awesome thumbnail,
  • Keep in mind that is very important to add the most watchtime in the first week as possible.

Final Remarks

Given the importance that youtube has today, we need to realize how can we use youtube to grow our business. However, as any socialmedia algorithm, Youtube’s algorithm is always undergoing minor adjustments, so we have to keep up to date. If you are interested in Digital Marketing you may also find interesting our article on How to increase your facebook post reach and Basics of SEO