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Business Idea Assessment Tool

Do you have a business idea? Do you wish to know if it is any good? Test here! This application will evaluate your business idea. From evaluating the market you are in, the market fit, the competitive advantage, the growth potential and the barriers to enter and at the end present you with a final veridict. More then the result itself we take you through a journey to help you understand the ins and outs of your business idea.

This tool is based on the article"How to value Business Ideas"



Market Fit


2. What is the average price in the market?

The percentage of people willing to buy a product declines as price grows higher. Please describe how do you assume the market will behave to your product for each price point listed below.

Price% of the Market that is Wiling to Pay

Competitive Advantage


Price% of the Market that is Wiling to Pay
a2 - 50%
a2 - 30%
a2 + 30%
a2 + 50%

Growth Potencial

From 1 to 10, being 1 very hard and 10 very easy:

Barriers to Enter


Total Score


Progress Bar

This tool spans thru 5 forms. Here is your progress: