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Article with how-tos, resources, opinions on how to effectively surpass some of the hurdles in building your startup or making your business grow.

Reasons why startups fail

Author: Miguel Teixeira

In this article we will take a look into the main reasons why startups fail and dig deep into understanding the challenges and hurdles that startups face. Continue reading

Cost Accounting for Entrepreneurs

Author: Tiago Rodrigues

In this article we want to show you how simple and useful cost accounting can be, and provide you all the necessary information to make you capable of understanding your own company numbers. Few people start a business because they are good with numbers. In fact, the terms “accounting” and “financial analysis” tend to create headaches on many business owners. We will make cost accounting accessible for everyone. Continue reading

Social Media Growth Hacking

Author: Tiago Rodrigues

Do you want to grow your business fast and cheap ? Then Growth Hacking might be what you are looking for. In this article we will explore the best social media practices you can have along with some hacks to help you pierce through competition. Continue reading

Lean Product Testing

Author: Mariana Rodrigues

The number one reason why startups fail is the lack of product market fit. Having a Lean methodology to test and tune your product, will increase your chances for success. Continue reading

Market Life Cycle

Author: Mariana da Silva Godinho

The markets evolve through several stages. And in each stage, you should use a different strategy. Knowing how to identify the stage the market is in, is key to define the right strategy. Continue reading

Motivation types

Author: Mariana da Silva Godinho

Everyone has something that motivates them, both personally and professionally. In this article will explain "Need Theory". This theory was proposed by psychologist David McClelland, and will help you better understand employees, customers and other stakeholder’s motivations. Continue reading

Media and press kit: how to for startups

Author: Mariana da Silva Godinho

Getting your startup covered by the media is very important. The press helps publicize your product, services or brand, however it can also damage the reputation of a brand. We will explain how and why you should have both Media and Press Kit. Continue reading

Guide to Prototyping

Author: Mariana da Silva Godinho

When developing a product or service you can incur in serious costs and very large hours of work. And then you finally discover that the market wants a different taste of your product... That is a really expensive lesson to learn. But what if you had built a prototype and came to the same conclusions, that would have been much cheaper and less time consuming process. Continue reading

How to manage a Youtube channel

Author: Mariana da Silva Godinho

Nowadays, more and more people/companies have a channel on youtube where they complement their websites or blogs. Over a billion users use this social network to interact with their target audience. Continue reading

Recruiting in a Startup

Author: Miguel Teixeira

HR is the number second most common reason why startups fail, affecting 24.75% of failed businesses. It's time to learn how to recruit. Continue reading

Basics of SEO

Author: Miguel Teixeira , Raquel Nascimento

When you create a website, you want to have the most page views you can get. Therefore, appearing on one of the first positions of Google's search results page is key to generate lots of free traffic to your website. Continue reading

Perfect Pitch

Author: Miguel Teixeira

Every day we sell. A perfect pitch is the ultimate selling weapon. By email, in the elevator, on a telephone, on a presentation, on a meeting or in a social interaction. Turn your efforts into success stories by improving your pitch. Continue reading

Idea Ninja official Website is live

Author: Miguel Teixeira

Idea Ninja, the Entrepreneur Dojo, went live on 1st of April 2015. was created to address common obstacles found in the process of creating a business. We will help you execute by sharing through how-to articles, resources found on the web and tools we developed. We will also show you different approaches to overcome obstacles found along the way. Continue reading

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