The numbers

Numbers show that more than 90% of all startups fail. If that wasn't enough, research has shown that even-though information is more readily available than ever, the success rate hasn't changed significantly. As shown in the article reasons why startups fail, product - market fit, human resources, and marketing are still the main reasons startups fail. However the hype about entrepreneurship is heavily focused on other issues, like financing, partnerships and major innovation. The basics, like building a team for the job, creating a good product for the market and getting through to the client, continues to be less spoken of.

Specific aproach

Using the same big corporations approach to entrepreneurship, is like applying a formula to solve a different problem and expecting it to work. Entrepreneurship itself is a different management problem and requires a specific approach that does not revolve around making business plans and getting aprovall from management. At the same time a big corporations have the fundamental problems sorted out, while in a start up there are a lot of assumptions to be tested and improved uppon.

The myth

In the world of info-entertainment, entrepreneurship is described very poorly. Many shows give the impression that entrepreneurship is all about raising money, having loads of success and becoming a millionaire. However as previously discussed, the numbers show a very different reality. Entrepreneurship is more about, simplicity, testing assumptions, mitigating risk, and dealing with people. Getting the basics right, will go a long way.

The Rock star ilusion

Media has created the ilusion that the entrepreneur is the new rockstar. In a sense it is true... If you look in the amount of punk rockers that live a tough life trying to live from their art. A miniscule fraction are regular stars, but another reality emerges. The ones that make it, create their business based on solid foundations and although they don't become stars, they are the true heroes of the story, in our book. They not only survive but thrive in a very competitive environment, because they got the basics right: A good product, a good approach to market, a good team, good risk management.

Entrepreneurs are Makers

People that get hands dirty! People that get lost! People that make mistakes! People that learn! People that are relentless! People that are resourceful! People who are makers!



Trainning Hours specifically for entrepreneurship.


Hours dedicated to promote cooperation between projects during the trainning period.


Deliverables per project done under trainning supervision.


combined years of experience in entrpreneurship.

What others say

“The development that Ideaninja has provided, was very important For SPOT”
Francisco Miranda, Founder of SPOT
“(...) More than trainning on how to do things, or opening a new perspective on implementation, We did things happen during trainning hours. That was amanzing and realy helped us grow the project in a very imediate way”
Verónica Milagres, Founder of Rádio Miudos
“Cooperation between the projects was induced (...) as a result a set of partnerships were developed“
Nuno Cabaço, Santa Casa da Mesericordia de Lisboa
“Very recommendable, for who wants to launch an idea with success.”
Elena Duran, Founder of 55+

Mentors & Trainers

Miguel Teixeira Miguel Teixeira

Marketing, IT, Product Development, Finance, HR, Project Management

+8 year experience in startups has a founder.

João Lagido João Lagido

Branding, comunication

+18 years experience in startups and has freelancer.

Francisco Miranda Francisco Miranda

Product Development, Business Development

+9 years experience has an entrepreneur has a founder

Francisco Neves Francisco Neves

Ideation, Growth strategies, Business development

+5 years experience in startups has founder, manager and consultant

Luis Costa Luis Costa

Impact measurement

+4 years experience in social organizations, +2 has impact mesurement expert

Joana Lopes Joana Lopes

Prototyping and product development

+4 years experience in startups

Blog Writers

Miguel Teixeira Miguel Teixeira

Miguel has a degree in Marketing, he has an MBA and has worked in technology for almost 15 years.He has founded several startup projects including Idea Ninja.

Mariana Rodrigues Mariana Rodrigues

Mariana has a Master in Managementat ISCTE-IUL. She was an Marketing intern at IdeaNinja, focused on branding coordination and product development.

Tiago Rodrigues Tiago Rodrigues

Tiago has a management degree at ISCTE-IUL, and was Marketing intern at IdeaNinja. He was also involved in YA Generation, an entrepreneurship association for college students.

Mariana da Silva Godinho Mariana da Silva Godinho

Mariana is currently taking a Journalism degree at ESCS (Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa) and was a trainee at IdeaNinja. She has been focused in Digital Marketing and Content Creation.

Raquel Nascimento Raquel Nascimento

Raquel has a management degree at ISCTE-IUL and was a Marketing Internship at Idea Ninja and was a board member of YA Generation, an entrepreneurship association for college students.